Divine Euphoria
Divine Euphoria
Divine Euphoria
Divine Euphoria
Divine Euphoria
Divine Euphoria
Divine Euphoria

Divine Euphoria

Scented Candle

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Our candles are made with virgin coconut soy wax which is sustainable and also not harmful to the user's respiratory health as compared to other candles that are made with paraffin wax.

The wooden wick ensures minimal carbon, soot, and debris build-up which makes it safer to use as compared to cotton wicks. It gives a nice soothing crackling sound too!

○ Fragrance family: FRESH / HERBAL / AROMATIC
○ Virgin Coconut Soy Wax
○ Made with Natural Essential Oils
○ Premium Wooden Wick
○ Re-usable thick bottom Glass Jar
○ Average burn time upto 45 hours
○ Vegan, Cruelty Free and Sustainable
○ No ingredients of animal origin

DIRECTIONS: Trim wick to 1/4 inch before lighting. Keep the candle free of any foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings. Only burn candle on a level and fire resistant surface.

CAUTION: Never leave a burning candle unattended or burning for more than 4 hours at a time. Keep away from all flammable materials.

We strive to provide the best experience to all our customers. Being a hygiene conscious brand we follow all health & hygiene guidelines and DO NOT accept returns or exchanges. However, Cancellations / Returns / Refunds can be made under the following conditions:

-- If the products have not been dispatched from the warehouse.

-- If Incorrect products have been sent to you.

-- If the product received is damaged.

-- If the package is lost in transit.

For further assistance, you can mail us on info@squishtown.com

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Frequently asked questions

Our candles are India’s first virgin coconut soy wax formulated aromatherapy scented candles. Coconut soy wax is known for its clean and non-toxic burn. It also has a longer burn time and better fragrance throw.

Our virgin coconut soy wax formulated aromatherapy scented candles are known for their consistent and even burn, resulting in a longer burn time. You can expect an average burn time of up to 45 hours for our 200 grams candle.

No coaster required! Our candles come in premium thick bottom glass jars that prevent surface heating. They can be used just by themselves.

Our virgin coconut soy wax formulated aromatherapy scented candles can hold higher fragrances in the wax resulting in a better scent throw. Each time you use our candle, a calming fragrance with aromatherapy properties will fill up your room within 30 minutes of burning the candle.

Our premium quality wooden wick ensures an even burn throughout the glass jar. You just need to ensure candle the candle is turned off only after achieving 100% wax pool, this will prevent the wax from tunnelling.

Light our aromatherapy scented candles with a matchstick how you would normally light any other candle. If the wooden wick is too long, just trim it with a wick trimmer or even a nail cutter can work.

You can place our aromatherapy scented candles anywhere! Our candles are aesthetically appealing and will compliment your room, bathroom or living area. For safety reasons, place the candle away from any flammable items, curtains or long hanging wires. Also, please keep them away from the reach of children and pets.